Missionaries in Russia

Jim and Laura Hutchinson

The Jim Hutchinson family consists of Jim and Laura and their three daughters (Alaina, Katie, and Emily).

Jim was saved at the age of 18 and Laura at the age of 7.  As young adults they met at church and were married in 1992.

Brother Hutchinson surrendered to preach while on a mission trip to Mexico in 1991. In 1996, during a mission conference, they surrendered to be full-time missionaries in Russia.  Jim completed his schooling and they served a three-year internship at Thomas Road Baptist Church, in Phoenix, Arizona. During their internship, Laura served as ladies’ ministry director and nursery coordinator. 

Jim and Laura were approved as BBFI missionaries in May 2001.  Following two years of deputation, they arrived in Moscow, Russia on May 3, 2003. 

The Hutchinsons spent their first term on the field engaged in intensive language study, pastoring Grace Baptist Church in Moscow, assisting another missionary in Moscow and working with other Baptist missionaries to compile Bible college curriculum that will be used throughout Russia. They are now serving the Lord in Moscow on their second term.

Their vision includes continuing to pastor the Grace Baptist Church in Moscow (with an emphasis on prayer and evangelism) as well as to see the Bible college curriculum finalized and implemented in the local church in Moscow and in other cities across Russia.  Their desire is to train nationals to be more effective in the local church and to assist those who have the desire to engage in church-planting throughout Russia.

The Hutchinson's sending church is the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Their mission board is Baptist Bible Fellowship International.

The Hutchinsons can be contacted at:

Email: Hutch2russia@gmail.com

We thank God for this dedicated missionary family. Please join us in praying for the Hutchinsons.

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  April 13th, 2014

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end..”
Jeremiah 29:11


Hello and welcome to Capital City Baptist Church’s website! We had another amazing Sunday and experienced Gods faithful love, which He gives to us that gather together in His name. Have you ever experienced God’s love? If not I would encourage you to attend a service and see how God moves through others to help you.

We are always excited to have Visitors attend services - will you please be our next visitor and join us at our church? Services start on Sundays at 11am and 6pm and again at 7pm - Thursday nights. Please attend our Church to find out personally why we trust and believe in God’s promises, which He gave to us from His Book.

I pray that you will take advantage and listen to some messages from
past messages. We have many great lessons and sermons on a wide variety of topics preached by our Pastor Carter - please click on "Links" to see what messages we have recorded that may help you in your life -or- for a better understanding of God’s Will.

Pastor Carter started preaching a message in the Morning Worship Hours, entitled “Angels.” He has used multiple passages to help us understand this message.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4, Part 5, Part 6+7 (recording error), Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12,
Have you ever wondered about these spiritual beings called "angels?" Have you wondered who or what they are, why God uses them or how they are used for God’s purpose? This message helps us understand why they exist and why God uses these messengers. How do they act with God’s will, are they male and/or female? Have you spent time studying out where these beings came from and what happens when we see them - what do they look like and how do they portray themselves? I know that I’ve asked many of these questions myself and I hope that you can spend some time listening to each part of this message to find out more about these spiritual beings.

For the evening services, Pastor Carter was led to teach and preach about Palm Sunday, using Matthew 21:1-11 to help his exposition.
Background: Jesus is at the Mount of Olives where he sends two disciples away to collect an ass and colt from a local farm. Jesus tells them, "Should the farmer ask why they are taking the animals, tell him it is for the Lord’s purpose."
All this is done to full fill the prophecy.
- Why would Jesus ask for a colt to ride as He entered Jerusalem on this day? Most Kings would want some sort of purebred stallion to show their power, but Jesus calls for a colt… which teaches us the humility Jesus has. Riding on a colt also shows the Divinity of Jesus! How many young colts would allow someone on it’s back without trying to buck off the rider?
- What type of leaves was placed on the ground, down in front of Jesus on the colt?
- There were of course Palm leaves, but also willow (Leviticus 23:40)
- People were shouting Hosanna in the highest… what does Hosanna mean? Hosanna means save us now (Psalm 118:25).
- The Jews are to have a feast (Leviticus 23:33-44) of Tabernacles…Seven days of offerings made by fire, then the 8th day "shall be an holy convocation." This feast is for remembrance of the time spent in the wilderness with God's leading and provisions.
We are to rejoice always.
People thought the King of the Jews was going to save them from Roman oppression, but Jesus came to save souls from Hell.

We continually trust our Heavenly Father to build this church for His glory! It is our heart's desire to see people being saved in Victoria and the surrounding area and for God to bring other believers our way. Please pray with us concerning this desire. Thanks again for your prayers for this ministry. Your prayers are very much appreciated. We also count it a privilege to pray for the salvation of souls and the growth of saints in your church. Thank the Lord that "...we are labourers together with God..."           1 Corinthians 3:9.

We will continue to update you as God dispenses His blessings upon us.

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