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We support the Russian Missionaries, but due to Privacy - we cannot disclose their identities at this time.

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September 25th, 2016

Welcome to Capital City Baptist Church’s website - we're happy that you found us on the Internet.
We’re a church that is vibrant and growing as a Christian family - drawn together by our love of God, our love for each other, and our love for God’s Word. We are a diverse group of people of all ages and we embrace all who repent of their sins and come to God for salvation. It blesses our hearts when people want a relationship with the One who created all things and all people.

Any given Sunday and Thursday, you will be challenged to read, study, and apply the Biblical principles that are preached and taught throughout our services. 
I pray you take some time to look around our site; You’ll find information about our church, our Faith, and see that our God talks to us through His Holy Word; the King James Bible.

Sunday School and Adult Bible Class starts at 10:00am every Sunday morning. Our Sunday Worship Services start at 11:00am and at 1:30pm. Bring your lunch as we go downstairs for food and fellowship between services (if you choose not to bring your food, but want to eat and fellowship with us, there are a few places close by where you can purchase some food: Dairy Queen, Thrifty’s, and others). Our Prayer Meeting is Thursday nights – 7:00pm. Please come to find out personally why we trust and believe in God and the promises He gave to us in His Book, the Holy Bible. We would love to have you join us for our next service.

If you missed a service, you can listen to past messages by clicking on the link where you will be connected to many great messages, lessons, and preaching on a wide variety of topics by our Pastor Carter.


In our Morning service, this past Sunday, Pastor continued his message on the Body – This message started off with the Eyes – to have proper vision; then the Heart – God looks upon the heart; Your Ears – we need to hear what God says to us by and through His holy Word, the Bible; regarding the Mouth – this is a 2 part: to speak out for God and speak to God - and to eat (spiritual food and physical); then we moved on to the Hands – we learned that God is a Spirit, but He talks of using His hands to bless or curse. And now we are starting the Feet – using Romans 10: 13-17 to help understand this message.
How are we ought to walk… Are you walking in the light with God?
In 2 John vs 16 it says God’s people will follow him, are you ready to follow God wherever he may lead?

In our Afternoon Service, Pastor continued a message regarding the 4 Motives that kept the Apostle Paul faithful in the ministry:
1. Paul is confident that his Home is in Heaven, and that every believer will get an incorruptible and resurrected body.
2. Paul's concern to please Christ - Paul knows that we all have to give an account for all our actions since we've been saved, and that our life should be acceptable to God... ARE YOU DOING YOUR BEST FOR GOD WITH YOUR LIFE?
3. Christ's constraint of Love upon Paul. Paul knows that he loves Jesus, and Jesus definitely loves you… he came to die for our sins, so we may have eternal life with him.
4. Paul's commission from God, God called Paul to preach, to be His spokesperson, His Ambassador.
Our citizenship is in Heaven, and once we’ve been saved, we ALL have been called to share the gospel and we’re to go out for God’s sakes and share what He did, and how are can be saved.


We continually trust our Heavenly Father to build this church for His glory! It is our heart's desire to see people being saved in Victoria and the surrounding area and for God to bring other believers our way. Please pray with us concerning this desire. Thanks again for your prayers for this ministry. Your prayers are very much appreciated. We also count it a privilege to pray for the salvation of souls and the growth of saints in your church. Thank the Lord that "...we are labourers together with God..."            1 Corinthians 3:9.  

We will continue to update you...
...as God dispenses His blessings upon us

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